2 simple ways to start saving money
Saving Money

My Two Favourite Money Saving Tips That You Can Start Today.

If you need to save money, but you often give up because you think that money saving tips are too hard or too complicated, let me tell you…Saving Money is only as hard as you want to make it.

It really doesn’t have to be complicated, and it definitely doesn’t have to be something that you only do occasionally.

These are my favourite every day ways to save money, because they are so simple and a little saving every day soon adds up.

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Make It Yourself and pocket the difference.

Do you really need to buy a coffee from Starbucks everyday? Or a sandwich for lunch? Or an individual chocolate bar that costs 80p when you can buy a pack of 4 for £1?

Think about how these little bits of cash add up.

For coffee £2.50 a day 5 days a week adds up to £650 a year. That’s £650 that could be used to pay for a holiday or to pay off a credit card. Would you rather have a shop bought coffee or a holiday?

The same goes for sandwiches and other lunch items that people buy at work. My colleague spends £3.50 a day, 3 days a week on a chili bean wrap from the sandwich van. She also buys a small shot of coffee for about £2.50 so that’s £6, 3 times a week.

That’s over £900 a year!

Looking at these figures it seems like a no brainer that you could save hundreds just by making your own food or coffee.

But some people have said to me that they doubt you would actually SAVE the money that they are not spending, and yes, I agree with this. It is not just about not spending.

Just because you are not spending, doesn’t mean that you are actually saving.

If you want to specifically save the money that you are not spending on coffee, sandwiches or even cigarettes, you could use your online banking app to move the money into a separate account. You’ll soon see the money adding up and once you do, you’ll get the saving bug.

Take saving to the next level

If you want to take it a step further there are also numerous apps such as Digit that will help you to save small amounts at a time (depending on how much money you have in your account it takes out a few pennies or a few pounds, so you won’t even notice it has gone out of your account) or you could use an app such as Acorns which does a similar thing, but it rounds up the money you spend to the nearest £ and the puts the difference into stocks and shares for you.

Find A Money Off Voucher

I’m honestly amazed that more people do not bother to do this. I genuinely haven’t bought anything online for YEARS without looking for a code to get some money off.

Even if it’s only a free delivery code, that is money you have saved.

By not doing this you are wasting £££’s. I recently bought a brand new Regatta raincoat for £12 including delivery and yet elsewhere in the shops it is still selling for £35+.

But it doesn’t just apply to products that you buy online. You can do this for days out and activities too.

This weekend we wanted to go out for the day but the weather was looking a bit dodgy, so we weren’t sure how long we would want to stay outside.

We fancied going to a certain local attraction but when I checked the cost, it would have been £26 for 2 adults and a child, just for the entrance fee. That’s not taking into account an extra activities that we would pay for once there or any food or drink.

What started as a nice idea of us spending a few hours together had suddenly become quite a big expense for a few hours out of the house.

But remembering to take my own advice and search for money off voucher for everything I purchase, I searched online, hoping to get a couple of quid off the cost of the entrance fee.

BAM! I managed to get a Groupon voucher (that could be used any day, including weekends and bank holidays) for just £10.

So before we’d even left the house I’d already saved us £16.

We had a large brunch before we left, so we wouldn’t need to buy a meal when we were there and saved ourselves even more money. If we were going for the whole day, we could have taken our own food and drink with us.

Even with drinks and a £3 activity for my daughter, we still only spent £18 for the whole afternoon.

Seriously, look online for a money off voucher or code for everything that you intend to purchase. Even if you think it’s unlikely that you will find anything. There are more offers out there than you can imagine.earn money for doing nothing

There is an app for every kind of money saving

There are so many money saving apps around now, that can help you to save money on all kinds of everyday purchases such as the Mysupermarket app for saving on your grocery shop, to Foursquare for finding discounts at local restaurants, Trainline or TicketySplit are good for finding cheaper train tickets and Skyscanner for flights. I’ve used all of these at one time or another.

But my personal favourites are Topcashback and Vouchercloud as they both have so many options for different kinds of purchases. From online fashion stores to eating out, electricals, DIY and even travel and car hire.  On Vouchercloud you can set up alerts for your favourite restaurants to find out when they have special offers on.

If you can’t find what you want any of these apps, just search online for what you want + “money off” or “money off code”.  It’s been quite a long time since I haven’t managed to find some sort of offer for ANYTHING that I’ve purchased online (I can’t tell you how disappointed I was about that! It almost put me off buying the product because I had to pay full price!!).

Why pay full price when you can get money off your bill, just for finding a voucher?  If you’re willing to take a couple of minutes to search, you WILL save money.

A few minutes of searching for a voucher each time you purchase, could save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds a year!

What are you waiting for? Find that money off code and start saving money today.

Let me know in the comments what is your favourite money saving tip. Do you use online vouchers to save lots of money, have you given up your daily coffee to save a few pennies – was it worth it?

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2 Easy money saving tips

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