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3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Start A Side Hustle

There are so many ways to start a side hustle, and with an ever changing workplace and economies that can crash at a moment’s notice, here are 3 reasons why you have not started one yet but why EVERYONE should.

This post is about changing your mindset so that you actually TAKE ACTION and start doing what it takes to start a side gig, rather than just dreaming about how to escape the 9 to 5 grind.

Because let’s be honest, if you are reading this post and starting a side hustle has previously occurred to you, there are only three reasons you haven’t started one already.

1) You can’t be bothered to actually make the effort to do it.

2) You think your job or financial situation is safe.

3) You can’t think of what to do, or what would suit your circumstances.

Reason #1 Lack of Motivation.

If you haven’t started a side hustle yet because you lack motivation or inspiration, there will be no judgement from me.

I totally get it.

I’m a working mum and most evenings after getting home and taking care of the family and the cleaning (ha! who am I kidding) I am exhausted.

My job is usually quite stressful and it completely depletes my energy and that’s only the first half of my day.

No doubt, it’s the same for you.

My main priority once it gets past 8pm is trying not to fall asleep, but every evening I have to make a decision.

Do I flop on the sofa and watch TV OR do I work on my blog or my other side gigs?

i need a side gig

I’m (often!) tempted by the sofa, but mostly I choose to work on my side gigs because I have one thing in mind – my end goal.

My end goal isn’t just about leaving the rat race and that sweet, sweet moment of handing in my notice to my boss.

It is to be financially free AND be location free, working for myself with an online business (my blog) and working with clients that understand I’ve no intention of being at my desk at 9am every morning.

This end goal keeps me motivated.

Find what motivates you.

What is your end goal? Your end goal will probably look very different to mine. So spend some time figuring out what it is.

Think past handing in your notice, what will you do then?

What type of work would you enjoy doing?

Reason #2 You have a safe J.O.B

Every Sunday evening I feel SICK with the dread of having to go back into work for another week. Without any control over the hours that I work. Without any control at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for my pay cheque, as it pays the bills and enables me to do some of things that I love. I just wish I didn’t have to sell my soul and 30 hours of my freedom every week to get it.

If you feel this same dread and want to live a life free from ties to a job, a desk or a boss, you need to start earning a side income.

But even if you love your job and feel ‘safe’ there. It may not be as safe as you think it is.

I thought I had a safe job many years ago and suddenly without any prior warning at all, I was told that the company was moving the offices to a different region (over an hour away from my home).

Which meant that as a recently divorced mum of young child, it wasn’t viable for me to work for that company anymore, and just like that my ‘safe’ job disappeared.

This was the first time I had ever been made redundant and I was lucky. I found a better job, closer to home and for more pay, just before my redundancy period ran out.

But it made me realise, the pay cheque that we assume is going to be there every month is completely out of our control and can stop anytime.

If our boss decides they don’t need us anymore, or the company goes out of business, we are GONE.

How many months can you live without your regular pay cheque? One, Two, Six? Did you know that if you have six months of savings, you are in the minority? Isn’t that a scary thought.

Reason #3 You can’t think of what to do as a side business.

The internet has created an amazing world which means that somebody in the UK can work with somebody in the US, Africa or China without any problems at all. All thanks to technology.

This means that if you want to work as a Virtual Assistant to companies in the US, you can. Or if you want to import items from China and sell them on Amazon, you can. Just a few years ago this would have been impossible for most of us, now it is easy to get started.

You can work with companies anywhere in the world.

So think outside of your town and even your country.

Don’t let the fact that you live in a rural area put you off, or the fact that you can only work certain hours of the day (your hours will suit somebody in a different time zone).

I’ve previously featured some of the best ways to make money on the side in some previous posts, if finding an idea is the only thing that is stopping you, here are just a few ideas to get you started:

8 Ways To Make Extra Money From Home

How To Make Money With Your Smartphone

Matched Betting; My Top 10 Tips For Success

Find something that you love doing.

Enjoy being your own boss or working on your own.

Try something new that you’ve never done before.

There are SO MANY ideas for side businesses there is an idea to suit everyone.

So which one of these reasons is stopping you from starting a side business?

Or is it something else…

Excuses Excuses!

If your reasons are sounding to start like excuses, you may want to have a rethink because excuses keep us STUCK.

We make all sorts of excuses about money, I made excuses about not being able to make money online for many years.

My excuse was that I thought EVERYTHING online was a scam.

On the surface I would tell myself that I believed it was real. A real opportunity to make money or start a business. But deep down I didn’t believe!  I thought that every money making opportunity was fake, and once the negative thoughts took over I never took action.

And guess what happened? I NEVER MADE ANY MONEY. Surprise 🙂

After years of letting this excuse keep me stuck in exactly the same place, I had made no progress towards my goal of leaving my day job.

We all have our filters that we see the world through and my filters had somehow managed to show me a world where every money making opportunity was nonsense. It was “hype” or just “wouldn’t work for me”.

I went along like this for years until I got fed up with myself saying ‘I want to make money online’ but never actually taking any action to make that happen. 

Why did I think like this? Where did these beliefs come from?

Once I started to get really clear about my end goal and what my goals would mean for me and my family if they came true, the balance tipped and the goal become stronger than the excuses, I got my shit together and FINALLY started to make progress.

Finding The Evidence.

I speak about this a lot. If you download the free money mindset worksheet, it is one of the steps of that process of changing your mindset.

My excuse was that online marketers were all fake.

So I started to find women, just like me, who were making a living online. They were mostly bloggers, but also freelancers such as writers.

I read their stories about them quitting their jobs and making enough money from their business to travel more or buy the house that they wanted. All of the things that their regular job wouldn’t allow them to do.

I eventually started to really believe that some side business ideas really DO work.

This was when my whole concept of earning a living online changed and I realised IT CAN BE DONE, and in ways that I hadn’t even thought about.

My first experience of making money from a side gig was on the advice of one of those bloggers (Emma Drew – check out her blog she’s awesome).

I decided to give Matched Betting a try and not only did it work, it paid for my 5 day trip to Budapest last year!

Matched Betting is one of the best side gigs I’ve come across so far, with risk free returns and best of all TAX FREE profits.

Budapest was a fantastic (unexpected) mini-break which I wouldn’t have been able to afford without my matched betting winnings.

So this was a real wake up call.

Instead of slobbing out on the sofa watching repeat episodes of Game of Thrones, I realised that just by doing a little bit of extra work each night, within 5 weeks I could earn enough extra cash to pay for a holiday.

It gave me the motivation I needed to keep going and push through the excuses.

What will be the best side business for YOU?

Matched Betting may not be for you, but I promise there is a side hustle out there that is perfect for you.

Think about the time you have available.

How quickly you want to see a return of a profit, or if you want to play the long game for greater gains (passive income from a blog for example).

How much time will you dedicate to your side gig every day or will you only spend time on it once a week?

Do you want to work from home or are you able and willing to leave the house to earn extra cash.

All of these questions will affect which money making opportunity you will be able to start.

But if you want my advice, don’t make the mistake I made and wait YEARS before starting a side hustle.  Do it this month.

Whatever it is, just take action! Do a bit of research and get started.

Once you earn that first bit of cash, you will get the bug and there will be no stopping you.

Going Bigger and branching out.

Eventually the side hustle may turn into something bigger, and you’ll be able to say goodbye to your boss.

Or your initial side hustle idea may turn into something completely different.

For example when I started my blog I didn’t have any traffic, so I started learning about Pinterest Marketing, and being a Pinterest Manager for other bloggers/businesses turned into another one of my side hustles.

Keep your mind AND your options open, and go for it.


start a side hustle

Have you started a side hustle, share your ideas and advice in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you are up to.

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  1. My side hustle is my blog, but I’m going to give matched betting a try! That’s actually one side hustle I’ve never tried before!

  2. I do love a good side hustle, always difficult to find the motivation though! Nice post!

    1. I know! It’s so hard, especially the things that don’t have an immediate return on the time invested (like blogging!) but I find that if I have a specific goal or reason it gives me more motivation to keep going.

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