If money was no object I would
Monday Mindset Tips

Monday Mindset – “If Money Was No Object, I would…”

Each week I will post a tip or technique to help you to improve your money mindset.

Sometimes, little tweaks are all that is needed to open up your mind and change old beliefs.  

This is true even when dealing with those really ingrained beliefs about money.  So I wanted to share one simple trick that I use when I’m journaling that has really helped me to improve my money mindset over the years.

Most of these old beliefs are not even OUR beliefs, they were imprinted onto us by our parents, older siblings, teachers and other respected elders that surrounded us when we were impressionable youngsters.

Did you ever hear “money doesn’t grow on trees” whenever you asked for something in a shop?  

These are the kinds of comments that really stick and even though they seem innocent enough, they help to form your beliefs that you are living with today. Incidentally, they were wrong about that anyway as money is made from paper so technically is does grow on trees!

Getting to your inner beliefs isn’t easy, it’s actually quite a long process to get to the true hidden inner beliefs and you can often feel stuck with where to even begin.   

So this tip will really help you to open your mind, which is the first step in changing your inner beliefs and your mindset around money.  

All you need is a journal or a couple of pieces of paper and a pen.  Write down the following question…

“If money were no object I would love to…”

I started to use this a few years ago when I began working on my Bucket List.  

The reason that this question works so well is that quite often when we are thinking about our goals, we are so restricted by our beliefs around money that we stick with small or simple goals that are easily achievable. Ever done that?   

By getting the money issue out of the way before you’ve even starting to list your goals, you are FREE.  Free to choose any goal you want.  How does that feel to know that you can choose a goal and not be restricted by anything?   You are free to not worry about how you are going to get it or if it will break the bank.   

For the purpose of this exercise just jot down the first 5 – 10 goals that you think of.

Then what?

It’s what happens after this initial list that you need to take note of.   

As you are thinking about all of the wonderful things that you would do if money was no object, all of those yucky beliefs about money will suddenly start popping up from nowhere.  

Things that you didn’t even realise were there – these are your hidden limiting beliefs and they are tricky little buggers.  

Mostly because they are so good at hiding but also because they are your TRUTH.  You believe that they are true.  Even though logic may tell you they are completely ridiculous.  They are completely ingrained into your belief system.

This exercise is a great way to coax them to the surface.  

Take the most amazing life goal (or the most expense) from your list and then write it down in the centre of another piece of paper.   Then write down every single reason that you can think of why you can not or will not achieve that goal.

For example, if one of your goals was to go and travel around Asia for 6 months, some of these thoughts may have popped into your head  

“how will I pay for the travel”   

“what about my job, how will I earn money if I’m not working”  

“what will happen to my house”   

“where will I stay”  

“people like me never do stuff like this”  

“I only have one source of income, if I leave my job how will I cope”   

“it’s just a pipe dream”  

“what if I get there and don’t like it”

Keep this piece of paper going for a couple of days and add any other reasons why you can’t get to do this goal.  

90% of your money mindset is created by these old beliefs.  If you can change these, your whole life will change.

In part 2 I will be sharing a couple of simple ways that you can start working on removing these old beliefs and create new positive beliefs about money.


Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs about money

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