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Monday Mindset: How To Speak Yourself Rich(er)

One of the most straight forward ways to improve your money mindset is to adjust the way your speak, to other people, but also TO YOURSELF.  If you are speaking in a negative way about money, your mindset is negative.

By speaking more positively you will start to FEEL more positive about money.

You may have heard of the book “Think Yourself Rich” well this is based on the evidence that we become what we believe we will become.   If we believe we are ‘poor’ and life will always struggle for money, then that is exactly what will happen to us.  But if we believe we can be rich, we will figure out a way to be rich.

Speaking yourself rich is a very simple concept, you just have to stop the negative speech patterns that you have got used to over the years such as “I never have any money” or “nobody ever has any luck with money in our family”.

But in reality, this is not easy.  It takes practice.

We are so used to these patterns of negative speech that we don’t even realise we are doing it a lot of the time.

So the first thing that you need to do is to be more aware.

Whenever you catch yourself saying something that is a negative speech pattern such as “I am so skint this month” or even something that doesn’t seem as obviously negative such as“I can’t wait until payday”, just tell yourself STOP!

Then replace it with a more positive phrase, such as “I am really looking forward to that money hitting my bank in a few days”.

Nothing has physically changed, you still have no money in your bank at the moment, but the way that you are thinking/speaking about your situation has changed dramatically.

Instead of feeling poor and worried, you are now ‘looking forward’ to receiving money.

You are no longer trapped in the cycle and you are looking outwards rather than inwards.

There are a couple of subtle differences with this phrase.  The first is that by saying ‘I am really looking forward to…’.   You’ve gone from being desperate and impatient about the lack of money (‘can’t wait until payday’) to knowing the money will show up and being positive and looking forward to receiving it.

When you say you are looking forward to receiving money, it shows you are thinking about money in a positive light, rather than thinking ‘the money doesn’t stretch far enough’ or ‘the money goes straight out again’.


Switching these negative phrases to positive ones will take time to master, but it is well worth the effort.

Once you start talking in a more positive way about money, how money flows to you, how lucky you are with money and how many opportunities you have to earn or receive more money, you will really start to notice how things open up to you.

That is how people change their financial situation.

Without doing the positive talk first, it is very difficult to change the physical reality, in other words the money in your bank account.

For example, if you feel like you are ‘drowning in debt’ and always feel like you never have enough cash to pay the bills or do the things that you want to do, it is really difficult to imagine what it will feel like to have enough money.

Not only are you are trapped in debt, but you are also trapped in this constant cycle of FEELING poor and worrying about where the money will come from, and you are no doubt speaking about money in a negative way.

But if you can change the way you think and speak about money, something will start to happen.

Instead of feeling poor and trapped, in other words – HELPLESS, worrying about the lack of money, you will start to think about how you can solve the problem and get access to more money.

You will start asking questions like:

How can I earn/receive more money.

What money making opportunities are available to me.

How or where can I get help to pay off my credit card debt.

How can I negotiate a payrise in your job.

All of these are positive questions – they are helping you to figure out what to DO next.  How you can solve your money problems.

Rather than just sitting and worrying about your lack of money or your debt, you are starting to encouraging your subconscious mind to figure out what to DO so that you can take action.

This one change of how you think and speak about money, is a massive step forward when it comes to having a positive money mindset.

This one simple mindset change will be the catalyst that changes everything.  

It will spark lots of money making ideas or ideas of how you can make changes to your finances.  You’ll need a journal to write down your ideas and plans.

Remember to take action.


Will you give it a try?

Start today by catching yourself doing any trash talk about money.   

Tell yourself “STOP” or “NO” and then replace the phrase or thought with something more positive.   It will feel very strange at first because you have probably been doing this for a very long time, negative talk is a habit.

But after a few days you will get into the swing of it and after a month of doing this, you will really start to see improvements in your money mindset and eventually…in your purse!

By the way, this tip works for everything, not just money.  You can can use it to improve the way you think about your job, your relationships, your body, ANYTHING.

If you want to try another way to improve your money mindset that delves a bit deeper, try this.


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  1. Thanks for sharing; I’m all for having a positive mindset. And – there are not enough reminders in a day to help keep us on the positive track!

    1. admin says:

      Yes! I am currently working on a Freebie that will help with that 🙂

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