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Money Mindset – “If Money Was No Object” Part 2

Last week I started this two part series of a simple technique to help you improve your money mindset.  You’ll need to read Part 1 here before you start the steps in part 2. 

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique.

I have completely changed my old way of thinking about lots of things with EFT.  It looks weird and when you are doing it, you will definitely feel a bit daft, but I promise – it totally WORKS.

Have a look on YouTube for videos of how to do the basics.

Then get your list of objections to WHY you cannot achieve your goal that you made in part one and just tap them away.

Do a round of tapping for every single thing that you wrote down.

Keep a pen handy and write down any new objections or old beliefs that come up as you tap. Then tap on those too.

I have been using EFT for about 9 years now and not only have I changed MY beliefs about money (and lots of other old beliefs, trauma, a phobia and much more) I have also helped countless other people to change their old beliefs too.

EFT really does work.  Give it a try, you will be really surprised at the results.

Finding the evidence

We all love to be proved right. Let’s face it, we’d feel a bit stupid if we went around thinking that our beliefs were not true.

As we go about our daily lives our brains help us to not feel stupid, by showing us evidence to prove we are right.

For example, if we’re scared of flying our brain will focus on the news that a plane crashed and people died earlier this month. It will not focus on the fact that thousands of other planes flew hundreds of thousands of passengers to their destination perfectly safely today, and every other day, since the crash. Because that would prove you wrong, so it ignores that and focuses on the crash.

We see what we want to see, and more crucially what we have been programmed to see.

All of these programmes are running in the background of our minds in the subconscious part of the brain, and it works without you even realising that it is happening.  You can’t hear it (unlike the conscious part of the brain) and it runs automatically all the time.

This is why we keep the same old outdated beliefs for years and years – most of the time, we don’t even realise that they are there.

But the good news is that you can re-train your brain to focus on finding the evidence to prove ANYTHING right.

The best example I can give of this happening to me recently is my belief about earning money online.

For years I thought making money online was a pipe dream and that nobody ‘real’ or ‘normal’ made money online.

All of those internet marketers who were claiming to be making millions and would teach me how to make money too, if only I bought their product, were faking it OR they had started their business with thousands of pounds to promote it.

Sure enough, my brain would always focus on the ones that turned out to be scam artists, to prove me right.

Then there are the Business Gurus that will tell you they can show you exactly how to make money online – even though it’s obvious that the only way they are making any money is selling a product which teaches you how to make money online.

But my dream was to have a blog which would help people and I also wanted to make money online. I didn’t know if it was possible to combine the two and I had no idea how I would do it, but I wanted to find out if it was possible.

So I started researching and looking for evidence that it could be done. Without scamming people or faking it.  And I especially wanted to find people like me ‘normal’ people, without any start up funds and wanting to help people rather than SELL to people.

It turns out that lots of normal people make tons of money online (ranging from a few hundred to thousands pounds or dollars) every month, just from their blog.

Not only did I find the evidence that I was looking for in their income reports, I have actually spoken to a couple of them to make sure that they are real, genuine people.

Best of all, they have no reason to lie about their income, as unlike the internet marketers, most of them are not even selling anything, they make their money through advertising and affiliate links to everyday products.

So there you have it, finding the evidence changed a couple of old beliefs that I had about making money online;

1) I now know it can be done.
2) I now know that you don’t have to scam people.
3) I know that it is possible for ‘normal’ people like me.
3) I also now know that you don’t even have to sell a product if you don’t want to.

My old beliefs were very real to me and were stopping me from taking the first steps to make money online.

The reason that this blog exists today is because I have changed my beliefs about making money online.

Combine these two techniques are get brilliant results.

This is exactly how I did it;

I used EFT on my beliefs around making money online. I started by getting my journal and asking the question “reasons I cannot make money online?” and wrote down every objection I could think of.

Then I did some tapping on every objection

Over the next couple of days I started to notice subtle changes about the way I felt about starting a blog. It didn’t seem as overwhelming and making money online didn’t seem to be such a pipe dream.

But I still had a long way to go.  I was still a long way from being committed to doing it and actually starting a blog.

So I made a decision to find the evidence to prove myself wrong and after I started my research, a whole world of bloggers opened up to me. I saw an article about one of them in a newspaper, and her blog led me to other bloggers who were also making money online.

All of them seemed normal and only one of them was selling their own product (which was NOT a ‘make money online’ product).

I’m not going to lie, this whole process took quite a long time, it was not a 10 minute job!

The journaling and EFT took me a few days, and then I was researching for about 3 weeks to a month before I even decided to fully commit to setting up my blog. So I was working on this process for over a month in total.

But when you think that I’ve been using the internet about 20 years,all and during that time, I have seen a lot of evidence that making money online wasn’t possible for ‘someone like me’ or ‘everyone who makes money online is a fake or a scammer’.

So a month to correct all of these old beliefs, including the ones that were deeply buried, doesn’t seem so bad!

I’m so glad I did this process as I have now started this blog with a much more positive outlook. My mind has been opened and I now know that ANYTHING is possible.

Give it a try

You will not be disappointed.  I guarantee that you will have some outdated money beliefs that you need to shed before you can start living life without anything holding you back.

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  1. Diane taber says:

    Hi we would really like to learn about how the money mindset really works. As we’ve heard such a lot of things about it but.but don’t really know much about it and am unsure of how it works and what to do with only the people who have used this and actually done it. And that really know what to do with it or. How this system really works for people as you people are the experts in this as your the ones that have done this and do this on a regular in and day out.and would really like to learn from you about this as sounds really interesting and would really like to learn more and hear more about I’m really intrigued by this.and would really appreciate it if you could be so kind as to please give me some advice and hints and tips on how to do this please please as I’d really appreciate it thank you.take care bye.

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