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15 Tricks to Feel Rich When Your Bank Balance is Poor

If your purse groans every time you open it, or your bank account feels a little bit TOO empty this month, you may sometimes wonder: what it is like to feel rich? 

Being ‘rich’ is definitely subjective, some people think that a debt free life, working for yourself and being free to travel whenever you want is what it means to be rich.

Other people think of ‘rich’ as a corporate life with a 6 or 7 figure paycheck, a large house and an exotic holiday abroad every year.  Others assume that celebrities with fast cars, a pool and 1 million followers on Instagram are rich.

But whatever rich means to you, one thing is for sure, if you are struggling with finances and worrying about whether you have enough to pay your electricity bill at the end of the month, it’s very easy to get into a scarcity mindset.

I’ve been there, so I know it’s all very well somebody on the internet telling you to ‘stay positive’ about money, and I’ve previously posted about how to speak yourself richer (I still definitely recommend that for longer term changes to your money mindset).

But when you’re struggling with debt or you’ve just lost your job, exactly HOW are you supposed to take action to help you feel rich? If you need a quick boost because you’re feeling particularly penniless today, TAKING ACTION with one or two of these tips is a great way to change how you feel.

Here are 15 quick and easy tricks that you can do today to help you feel better about money.

Trick 1 – Cash is best

We’re living in a world where cash is becoming more and more unusual, I hardly every carry cash, I’m like the Queen! But my friend told me that whenever he is struggling with money, his favourite trick is to get a crisp £20 note and put it in his wallet – even if it’s his last £20 that he had in the bank, just having the cash there helps him to FEEL more abundant.

Knowing that if he needs it, he can simply get it out of his wallet, reassures him that there IS money available. This little trick sees him through until payday and stops him from feeling worried.

This is a great example of a really small action we can take to trick our mind into FEELING like we are richer than our bank balance is telling us, and this is the key to having an abundance mentality. It’s all about how we FEEL, not necessarily the reality of whether money is there in our bank or not.

I have a couple of ways to help me feel richer whenever life gets expensive or starts to feel like there is a lack of money.

Trick 2 – Don’t save it for special occasions.

One of my favourite ways to feel abundant is to use my best perfume every day, it’s expensive but I don’t save it for special occasions like I used to, I wear it for work, the school run, shopping or whatever I am doing, I just wear it!  I love it and it makes me great.

If I was rich I wouldn’t ‘save it for a special occasion’ would I? I would wear it whenever I wanted to, so now – I do.

For birthdays and Christmas I always get at least 1 new lot of perfume, so I never run out. Why was I saving it for all of those years? Because I was thinking that ‘I might run out’.  And by the way, that is what a scarcity mindset looks like.

Trick 3 – Never ignore the pennies.

The other little trick that I have is to give thanks for EVERY PENNY that I find during my day.  I’m always finding money in our house, my partner must have a hole in his pocket because I find money every day! But even if it’s just a penny, I pick it up and give thanks for it.

Instead of thinking about the lack of money (in your bank or to pay a bill) be consciously grateful for every bit of money that comes into your life, you would be surprised how much money is around you, but you don’t actually see it when you are telling yourself that there is none.

I asked some blogger friends what they did when they want to feel rich, but their bank account is saying they need to be frugal and these are their tips;

Trick 4 – Grow your own

This is something my grandmother used to do to brighten up the house when we couldn’t afford any luxurious extras – Grow your own flowers in pots to bring indoors when in full bloom, or pick wildflowers from legal areas (not from your local council park obviously!). Fresh flowers and plants around will really brighten up a room as well as add fragrance and help with air quality but don’t have to cost a fortune at the florist.

Christy Bruckner, www.welshmum.co.uk

Trick 5 – Be creative

I would say getting creative and making the most of what we have on our doorstep, I blog adventure travel and lifestyle but that doesn’t have to start with the exotic, it could be a day trip to a nearby town, it could be a road trip on a budget with friends or a camping trip with a loved one. We have so much available to us that we never really appreciate, lack of budget just means getting creative and enjoying what is right in front of us

Lucy Ruthnum, www.absolutelylucy.com

Trick 6 – Eat like a Queen

My advice would to be research really incredible recipes you can make with budget food. You can never be poor when your plate is full.

Elizabeth Shannon Reilly,  www.elstavo.com

Trick 7 – Little treats make a big difference

I do a few little side hustles- survey sites, mystery shopping, that kind of thing – and I set that money aside for my little “Micro Luxuries.” Whether it’s a Groupon experience or family photos, it helps me feel like we’re keeping up with the Joneses on our own, small scale.

Jaymi, thesaltymamas.com

If you want to earn extra income from home, check out my posts about Matched Betting (UK only) or 4 ways to make money doing nothing.

Trick 8 – Thrifty does it

I take $10 to a thrift store and always find the coolest stuff. It’s even better when I make it on half price days.

Heather Mayes, http://happiestcamper.com

Trick 9 – A cake and a cuppa saves the day

Our treat when times are hard are a couple of cakes from Greggs! It’s not much but we enjoy them with a cuppa and somehow things seem not so tight!

Katie Church, www.mummysnowyowl.com

Trick 10 – Make it yourself

Handmade cards and gifts (especially cards which most likely get thrown away). They are usually appreciated as time had gone into it as well and I love the sense of achievement

Victoria Glass, thegrowingmum.com

Trick 11 – Things to appreciate every day

Overcoming the effects of my divorce, and my alcoholism costing me my job… I have really struggled to come back financially. Things that helps me the most, are if I tuck away a couple bucks…I spend it on something for me or my kiddos that I/they USE daily and improves life daily. (versus a soda pop, coffee or anything quickly consumable). As long as I have my favorite lip gloss on ($5.99) I never feel poor.

Paula Hickel, https://realityreframe.com

Trick 12 – The best things in life are free!

I go to free community events and festivals. It’s a nice way to spend time with family doing fun activities or sightseeing, but it costs nothing.

Anna Anderson, https://Abrazoandcoze.Com

Trick 13 – Appreciating being well fed and well loved

When I look at my animals and they are fed and loved, I know I was blessed! I feel richly blessed…

Tania Hattingh, https://www.orbitbusinesssolutions.com/objection-xpress

Trick 14 – Take time out for you

I take time for myself. It could be reading a good book, or taking a long bubble bath. Something that feels indulgent. Or baking something delicious. Also, if times are tight but I am frugal fatigued, I might great myself to something small. This might be a coffee at Tim Horton’s or a chocolate bar from the grocery store (see a theme here? I like to eat. Lol). Or inviting friends over to hang out. Anything that reminds me life is still fun even if I have no money! I also write frugal living blog.

Amanda Ashley, www.simplelifeofafrugalwife.com

Trick 15 – There is always somebody with less

I donate unused or rarely used school supplies, books or clothes to people who need it more than my family. Even when we feel that we lack something, someone out there needs something that we have that we don’t use.

JR Caparas, www.myfavoritelists.com

So there you go, 15 quick and easy ways to feel rich, that you can do today, even when your bank balance is looking a bit sad.

If you want more tips and tricks like this, join the newsletter and get access to the free resources vault.

Try one or two of these ideas yourself and let me know in the comments if they helped to improve your money mindset.

If you have any tips that you would like to add to this list, feel free to leave a comment!


Feel Rich

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  1. Awesome list! I don’t have a ton so this will help a lot! Thanks!

  2. Hi Mel,
    This is a great list of tricks to feel rich! Thank you for including my tip. 🙂
    JR Caparas

  3. I love your perfume trick! I have always saved my perfume and you’ve made me think, why? I might just make that change now too.

  4. I definitely eat like a Queen – nobody would think my meal preps adhere to a strict budget! Thank you for these tips Mel 😀

  5. I love the “Eat Like a Queen” tip! So, so true! You don’t need a lot of money to eat fancy. This post is awesome!

  6. Great list. I totally agree with the full plate you never feel poor. Another thing I do to feel rich is have a spa day at home. I pamper myself and it always makes me feel better.

  7. I love this list! I liked your tips for growing your own and cooking gourmet foods on a budget. It’s not that hard to come up with a cool recipe!

  8. Ashley says:

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love the trick of keeping cash in your wallet. I also don’t use cash anymore (like, why would I when my credit card gives me cash back on each purchase and I pay the bill off monthly anyway?), but seeing the money in your wallet not only feels like reassurance, but also helps in attracting more money to you because it is in your sights.

  10. Great Tips. Loved it.

  11. Those are some really great tips. First time i read something like this. Never thought we could have a rich mindset by following simple tips. Infact I agree with you on the point that we do save expensive perfumes for the best days. I won’t do it from now onwards.

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