5 ways to earn money doing nothing
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4 Ways To Earn Money For Doing Nothing

Imagine a life where you can lounge on your sofa and earn money for doing nothing.

Well, you won’t get rich doing any of these 4 things, but as I’m always about finding ways to improve your Money Mindset – if anybody has ever told you that you have to work HARD to earn money, I hope to prove them wrong by the time you have read this article!

True story, I once had a job where I worked for about 40 hours a week, but for the majority of that time I did virtually nothing, except watch all of the latest video releases (definitely showing my age there!).

It wasn’t exactly a highly paid job, but my boss was never there and I could do whatever I wanted for about 80% of the week.

At the time I didn’t appreciate how much I would miss that job, until I went out into the corporate world and discovered that most people are overworked and stressed pretty much all of the time!

Here are 4 ways that you can get paid, without overworking yourself and without any stress:

Get paid to watch TV and other things.

I actually thought this was a joke when I was told about it!  But nope, it’s definitely real.  My friend mentioned that they were thinking of downloading an App that pays you to watch your favourite shows.  Turns out there are more than one that does a similar thing.  For TV shows there is an App call The Viewers which is like a focus group – you get paid for your views about the shows you watch.

But if you don’t watch much TV there are also other apps such as Slidejoy that will pay you to watch ads on your phone (they work when you slide open your unlock screen).

You can also get paid just to download an app in the first place, you don’t even have to use it, just leave it open for about 30 seconds and you’ll get paid.  Crazy!  I’m not recommending one because I’m paranoid and I’m convinced they are doing it to spy on people.  If you want to do it, you’ll have to research them yourself (but you can do that from your sofa, so it’s still not work!).

If you do a lot of surfing the net, you can also try Qmee which I use as a desktop application rather than on my phone.

It sits in the background and whenever you do a search it will pop up at the side with appropriate vouchers or offers.  You make money if you click through their link.

We’re talking pennies rather than pounds, but if you do a lot of research it could add up.

Use Money Saving Apps/Websites

You will save £££’s on pretty much everything that you purchase from food to DIY materials, to holidays, to car insurance.  Basically if ever you are going to buy something check these out and make sure you are getting the very best deal.

But wait, we’re here to MAKE money, not just save money.

To make money, you don’t have to do anything other than give your friends your referral link.  They get to save money, and you get a nice referral fee (£15 from Topcashback).  Jobs a good ‘un.

I have used Topcashback for yearsand yes that is my referral link!  But if you are the US, there is also Ebates which is a very similar site.

earn money for doing nothing
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Receipt Hog is another option that will pay you for simply taking a photo of your receipts and earning money back on your purchases.

Change Your Bank Account

These incentive fees are sometimes quite lucrative, I’ve seen some banks give out money JUST for opening an account with them, you don’t even have to stay with them.

Best of all, the banks do all of the work switching your direct debits over, so this is easier than ever and it you really will earn money for doing nothing!  You won’t even need to leave the sofa.

First Direct give you £100 for switching

Halifax Reward account gives you £75

M&S give you a £185 M&S gift card when you switch and stay.

Get paid to just… BE THERE

There are numerous ways you can offer your services to people for taking their place.

For example, you could wait in for a delivery so they don’t have to take the day off work.

Some delivery companies don’t tell you when they intend to deliver until the day before, and even then they won’t give a time.

So you have to take a day off work at the last minute and wait in for a whole day, only to be told at 4.13pm “Oops sorry we couldn’t deliver today because the weather was too bad” or “Oops, sorry our lorry broke down, we’ll deliver tomorrow”.

So trust me, people WILL pay you to wait in on their behalf, mainly because they don’t have to annoy their boss even more.

There is also the option of House Sitting when they go away for the weekend, watering their plants (indoors and outdoors) if they go away for longer periods, or even feeding their cat if they work long or irregular shifts.

I know feeding a cat is not really “doing nothing” but it’s not exactly work either!

Spread the word that you are available to friends, colleagues, the best way to get clients will be by word of mouth.  But it’s also worth posting on your local Facebook groups or Gumtree.


4 Ways to Make Money Doing Nothing

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  1. These are great tips to work smarter, not harder! Thanks

    1. Mel says:

      ALWAYS! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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