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5 Simple Ways To Make Money Blogging

When I started this blog, I never actually thought that I would be able to make money blogging. That wasn’t even my aim.

The plan was to set up this blog to help people change their money mindset, and for me to make money online doing things like Matched Betting or other things that were nothing to do with the blog.

I would write about those ways to make money so that you could see that making money online IS possible.

But then I started to meet people who were actually making a full time income JUST from their blog.

How were they doing it? My blog wasn’t even getting any traffic at the time, so this seemed completely bonkers to me! I couldn’t imagine how normal people like me could earn money from a blog.

These were ordinary people that had decided to start blogging and after a while (in some cases a few months, and in other cases a few years) they were able to leave their job and concentrate full time on blogging. I read a lot of income reports and did a lot of research and it turns out it was a lot simpler than I had thought.

Disclaimer: This site contains some affiliate links which means that if you sign up using one of these links, I may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products or services that I know, use and like!  Read the full affiliate disclosure here.

Don’t get me wrong, blogging is not easy money and it is a HUGE commitment of your time.

It takes me a couple of hours a week to work on content creation and many more hours to promote, promote, promote (In fact, I never seem to stop promoting it!).  If you think that blogging is simply sticking up a couple of posts and the money will roll in – WRONG! You are in for a nasty shock.

During my brief time blogging, I’ve had to learn how to use WordPress, I then had to teach myself how to get traffic to my blog which involved many training courses on Pinterest and learning about all about SEO. IT NEVER ENDS. There is always something else to learn, which I absolutely love by the way, but if you are not prepared to commit at least 10 hours a week, you may struggle to get a new blog up and running.

But Blogging is really enjoyable and when you get a comment on your post from someone saying that they’ve enjoyed your post or that it has helped them, it’s also very rewarding. And that’s before the money starts coming in.

If you could earn money doing something that is (mostly) under your control and that you enjoy, wouldn’t you rather do that than work in a boring or stressful 9-5 job for somebody else?  I know which option I would choose.

So if you are thinking of starting a blog, my advise is to plan what you want to blog about, if you can think of a few things that you can write about around that topic, then go for it!

Here are 5 ways (and a bonus idea!) of how you can make money with your blog:


This is probably the most passive way to make money with your blog, but you won’t get rich doing it! Especially if you do not have a lot of traffic. You should think of it as one income stream rather than your main income source for the blog.

You can start to put adverts on your blog straight away, you don’t need to wait until you have a certain amount of visitors (as well as Googleads, Media Net accepts new blogs) but Mediavine is probably the one to aim for if you want to make money from advertising as the payouts are bigger – but you do need 25000 sessions(* see comments) in 30 days before you can even apply.

Your Own Products

This one is for people that have a particular idea that you can teach to other people. For example, when I said I had to take numerous Pinterest courses to become a fully fledged Pinterest goddess(!) one of the courses that I took was Pinterest Ninja and it is an AMAZING course.

It has taught me everything I need to know about using Pinterest to grow my audience and get people to my blog, but Megan Johnson works very hard on this course to ensure that it is always up to date.

It’s a very detailed and I believe that it took her quite a few months to put it all together before she could start selling it. But she also updates it every time Pinterest make any changes – which means that she is updating it quite often!

Pinterest Ninja now sells quite a lot of units and Megan makes a good income from it, so the effort has been worth it for her.

Make Money Blogging

But if you wanted to do something simpler that doesn’t need to be updated all the time, you could start by writing a simple ebook which you could sell on your site or on Amazon KDP.

Or if you don’t like writing, why not do a video e-course?

Videos are really popular (I LOVE taking video courses!) and a lot of bloggers have them on platforms such as Teachable, so it’s all taken care of and you don’t need to worry about hosting it on your site.

Affiliate Marketing and Referral Links

This is the way that most bloggers will first begin to make money blogging. It involves simply recommending other people’s products or companies/brands that you know, like and trust. For doing this, you will get a commission or referral fee.

The mistake that some people made when affiliate marketing first became popular was that they would recommend ANYTHING just so that they would get paid.

This may work once, but it definitely won’t work long term. If people buy a product on your recommendation that turns out to be absolute rubbish, or even worse, fake, they will NEVER buy anything that you recommend again.

In fact, they will tell everyone they know not to buy it and will steer clear of your blog, forever.

For that simple reason, it’s just not worth recommending products that you do not have 100% faith in.

Don’t recommend anything on your blog that you wouldn’t recommend to your best friend!

Stick to products to services that you have used or bought that you know your audience will get benefits from and would be happy to recommend to their friends.

If you are completely new to affiliate marketing and want a simple guide on how to get starting, I can highly recommend How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale In 24 Hours

This is a very simple ebook, covering the basics, without overwhelming a newbie – it will get you started very quickly and you don’t even need a blog to start using the technique outlined!

There is absolutely no fluff involved in this ebook so it’s quite short, but it gives you actionable plan (the best kind of ebook for people who tend to overthink things!).

make money online

Guest Posts/Writing For Other Websites

If you love writing there are ways to get paid for writing or accepting guest posts!

Many bigger blogs will pay for content, especially if they usually post everyday as their writers cannot keep up with the amount of content needed. So if you feel that your words could be an asset to their blog, get in touch and submit some ideas.

If you have a blog and it is starting to get good traffic and rankings, you can start to charge for accepting guest blog posts to your blog.

Just make sure that you give some clear guidelines or what you expect and try to keep it relevant to your niche so that your audience will enjoy reading it.

Be An Influencer

One of the most popular ways to make money blogging in recent years is to be an Influencer. This is a relatively new concept that has grown with social media platforms such as Instagram, but if you don’t have a social media following, you can do it on your blog. It’s similar to Affiliate Marketing but Influencing involves doing paid/sponsored reviews of products, brands or services.

In other words, there are companies seeking out influential bloggers to ask you for a sponsored post or review and will send their product to you so that you can try it out and write/post about it on your blog or social media platforms.

You need to have a decent following to do this, but once your blog hits DA20 (domain authority) you will be able to apply for all sorts of opportunities relevant to your blog niche.

But again, but careful what you sign up for! Keep it authentic and don’t start spamming your audience with rubbish just because you are getting paid to do it, or it WILL backfire on you.

My website is still new, so my next main goal with my blog is to increase my DA and my traffic, so that I can take part in these sponsored opportunities.

Bonus idea:

1-2-1 Coaching or Consulting

Although this is not strictly making money from blogging, it will your blog that brings the opportunity, so I’ve included it as a bonus idea.

Once you become established in your niche or on social media, you will attract people that want to work with you. Usually because they will want you to write for them, manage their blog or social media accounts.

Not everyone has the time or dedication to do everything that is involved with running a blog, especially if the blog isn’t their main business (for example if they are a coach or business owner that has a blog, they will not have the time it takes to run a blog, as well as running their business or coaching).

So don’t be surprised if you get approached by people that want you to them with their blog.

This is great income opportunity, especially in the early days if you are not making much money in other areas of your blog, but do think about the implications of spending time working on somebody else’s blog or social media – how will that affect yours? You’ll need to think about the pros and cons, before committing too much of your time to someone else.

So there you go, 5 ways to make money blogging and also an additional way to make money that you may not have considered was a possibility for you before reading this – it is a very real possibility! So if you think blogging sounds like it could be for you, don’t wait months or years to get started (I wish I hadn’t) get started today.

Leave a comment and let me know if you are thinking of starting a blog, or have you already started and just starting to make money? If so, why not apply to be part of a new series of posts that I will be running soon about Featured Bloggers. I will be shining a spotlight on new bloggers that are just starting to make money with their blog, so that it shows how it can be done, even for people who have had no blogging experience before.


Make money blogging

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  1. Thanks for the Mediavine shoutout, Mel, as well as for a great post packed with information for bloggers.
    Our traffic threshold is actually 25k sessions in a 30 day period, rather than page views. We no longer count page views and we explained why on our blog:
    As publishers with our own websites, we believe that successful monetization is all about finding the balance between ad revenue and user experience and we would never sacrifice one for the other. This is why we set our threshold at 25k sessions a month. Below this number, the ad revenue you’d be able to earn isn’t worth the sacrifice in user experience that happens when ads are put on a site.
    We’re here to answer any questions 7 days a week at
    Thanks again for mentioning us!
    ~Jenny, Mediavine Marketing Associate

    1. Mel says:

      Thank you so much for clarifying this Jenny! I’m a long way off that figure, but I had no idea of the different between sessions and pageviews and I hadn’t been tracking my session numbers (I track my users/pageview numbers) so I will now be changing the way I track the numbers and set goals for myself. I completely agree that the user experience should be the top priority at all times when deciding where to place ads and how many/which type of ads to place. Sites that are packed full of ads and popups are a complete turn off.

  2. Thank you for sharing all of this awesome advice! So much insight. You’ve certainly made it easy to look into new venues for monitization ♡

    1. Mel says:

      Thank you Sara, I’m glad you found it useful. I love you’re site by the way, I’ve bookmarked it 🙂

  3. Thanks for this awesome information!

  4. Thank you for the tips! I have been using affiliate marketing for a while now, and haven’t made a whole lot of money. So I’m ready to start expanding my horizons!!

    1. I’m also very new to it to Cherryl. I think as long as you stay authentic and don’t start trying to sell to people (recommend what you use, but don’t push it on people) you will get sales. I for one HATE to be sold to or even pushed into a sale by somebody that is clearly only doing it for commission. It’s why I avoid going into shops with staff that are on commission!

  5. Thank you so much for these tips! I’m trying to grow my blog traffic, and these are incredibly useful and easy to understand!

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